8 Ways to be a responsible pet owner

Anyone can be a pet owner – all you need is a pet and… voila! Pet owner. However, it takes a compassionate, generous, empathic and mature person to be a responsible pet owner, since this is a multi-faceted and resource-intensive role that requires 10 to 15, even 20+ years of your life and the requisite […]

Your pets and the holidays

It’s almost time for the holidays, which can really put a spoke in my pets’ routine. What should I do?

Managing your pets’ anxiety

When I have lots of guests over, my cat goes into hiding and my dog becomes extra needy – getting under my feet while I’m trying to host. What can I do when my pets get so nervous?

Mange in cats

My cat is scratching relentlessly and has begun to lose patches of fur. She looks pretty unhappy. What can I do?