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Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 11:00 and 15:00 – 18:00

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Our shop is open every week day between 08:00 – 18:00 and over weekends during consultation hours.

Frequently asked questions

Yes please. We run on an appointment basis which makes for time efficiency for both the doctor and for you and your pet not to be kept waiting. You are welcome to call us, and the friendly reception staff will assist you with any information needed for you to book your appointment.

Your pet’s nails will be checked during his annual health check-up at the vet.

Inactive and older pets may need a pedicure more often.

We recommend you bring your pet in yearly for vaccinations.  When you come into Manorswood Vet, we will also do a general check-up on your pet to make sure that his or her health is in order. Annually vaccinating your pet is very important, especially to keep your pet’s rabies protective antibodies at a high level. Bring along your pet’s vaccination record booklet to always keep it up to date, stamped and signed by the treating doctor.

Pets can be sterilised from the age of 6 months. The benefits far outweigh the risks. These include preventing cancer, infections, and unwanted behavioural changes. The vets at Manorswood Vet will be happy to discuss what the exact procedure involves. Many people are worried about weight gain in their sterilised animals, which can be prevented with correct nutrition.

All puppies must be vaccinated at 6 weeks, 10 weeks and 14 weeks of age with a standard 5-in-1 vaccination. All kittens must be vaccinated at 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age with a standard 3-in-1 vaccination. Both puppies and kittens must be vaccinated against Rabies no earlier than 12 weeks of age and then again at 16 weeks. Give us a call to find out more on the cost of each vaccination as well as to book the appointment for your new pet’s vaccinations with us, which includes a general health check-up.