Dear valued Manorswood Vet client

It is an honour and privilege for me to officially take over the practice on 24 November 2019 from Dr Denver Mudie. Dr Mudie and Dr Stan Krawitz before him are old friends and colleagues, and our acquaintance dates back for many, many years, as with most of you who have been coming to Manorswood Vet Clinic over the past few decades.

We are very grateful that Dr Ade Kinch, and the rest of the healthcare team you have come to know over the years, will be staying on at Manorswood Vet when Denver leaves. We look forward to supporting them with the help of our professional veterinary team to look after your pets’ healthcare needs well into the future. Unfortunately, I can no longer practice as a vet myself due to injuries I sustained in a serious motor vehicle accident in 2002, but I will certainly be involved in the practice from a supervisory perspective.

One major change we will be introducing from the onset is to implement an appointment system. We ask that you phone in advance on 011 804 2207 to make an appointment. Our experience has been that appointments will help you save time and reduce your waiting time and in turn plan your days more effectively. It also helps us to structure our days more efficiently so we can serve you better.

Dr Mudie did not run accounts and we will follow suit and do the same. 

We realise that we will never be able to fill Dr Mudie’s shoes but we hope that we will be able to build forward on the legacy of care left by him. We fully subscribe to the existing practice slogan “Compassion, kindness, caring – each case, every patient” and this will keep on motivating us to provide world-class veterinary diagnostics and treatment, always remembering that we are dealing with dear family members who deserve the best dedicated loving care.

Manorswood Vet Clinic will now become part of a bigger group of veterinary practices and one of the benefits is that we have a lot of experienced vets who can apply their minds to a case if and when the need arises. If we cannot get to the bottom of your animal’s problem and cannot provide the appropriate treatment, we will refer you to a relevant specialist, ensuring your pet receives the best treatment available in South Africa.

We really look forward to being of service to you and your pets.

Best regards

Dr Joubert Viljoen and healthcare team