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Medical Care

We offer tick, flea and deworming treatments. We carry a wide range of the latest products for tick and flea control as well as several deworming options for dogs and cats.

Other services include but are not limited to:

Vaccinations, spays & neuters, obesity management, arthritis management, allergy management and chronic renal disease in cats.

Dental Care

From at home, day to day dental hygiene to scaling, polishing and dental extractions.

Premium Food

We are stockists of a wide range of super-premium and premium brands as well as all the prescription diets you may require

Brands include: Acana, Orijen, Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Ultradog, Vets Choice, Superwoof

We also carry a range of treats for both dogs and cats as well as an assortment of toys and accessories for all types and ages.


Senior Wellness Check Ups

We offer specialised check ups for elderly pets.